साम्राज्ञी काण्ड समाधान नहुँदै क्यानडामा बस्दै आएकी यि युवतीले पनि खोलिन् भुवन विरुद्धका यस्ता पोल, भिडियो भाइरल

काठमाडौं – अभिनेता भुवन केसी र अभिनेत्री साम्राज्ञी राज्यलक्ष्मी शाहबिचको समस्याको समाधान नै भइनसकेका बेला फेरी निर्माता तथा अभिनेता भुवन केसीलाई अर्को कडा झड्ेका लागेको छ ।

साम्राज्ञीले भुवनले आँफुलाई गाला गाला जोडेर दुब्र्यबहार गरेको भन्दै खुलेआम सामाजिक संजालमा नै बताएपछि तनावमा आएर ‘जुन थालमा खायो, त्यही थालमा दुला पारेको’ भन्दै अभिव्यक्ति दिएका भुवनविरुद्ध साम्राज्ञी झनै कठोर रुपमा प्रस्तुत हुँदै गइरहेका बेला भुवनले एक युवतीलाई ‘राम्री’ भन्दै च्याट गरेको स्क्रिन सर्ट सार्वजनिक भएको छ ।

क्यानडामा बस्दै आएकी स्वेता रेग्मीले भुवनको व्यवहारमा प्रश्न उठाउँदै उनीसँगको च्याटको स्किृनशट शेयर गरेपछि भुवन फेरी एक पटक अप्ठ्यारोमा परेका छन् । स्वेताले भुवनको पोल खोल्दै भनेकी छिन् उनले मलाई फ्रेण्ड रिक्वेस्ट पठाए । एसेप्ट गरे लगत्तै फिल्मको अफर गर्दै रुपको चर्चा गरेको बताएकी छिन् ।स्वेता अगाडी भन्छिन् भुवनको उक्त आइडी फेक भए नभएको चेक गर्नका लागि फेक आइडी होकी भनेर भुवनलाई स्वेताले प्रश्न गर्दा भुवनले भिडियो अन भने भने ।

श्वेताले भिडियो अर्न गर्दा भुवन नै देखिएपछि उक्त आइडी फेक नभएको त प्रमाणीत भयो । तर भुवनले उनलाई सताउन थालेको श्वेताले बताइन् । भुवनले दोस्रो दिन बिहान म्यासेज गरेर फिल्मका लागि प्रस्ताव गरेको बताइन् ।

भुवनले गरेको म्यासेजमा पनि ‘तिमी राम्री र बोल्ड छौ’ भनेर लेखेका छन् । साम्राज्ञी र श्वेतामाथी देखाएको ब्यबहारले भुवनको नियतलाई लिएर सामाजिक सञ्जालमा प्रश्न उठेको छ ।

I am sharing a video of my conversation with the alleged person aka superstar and producer Bhuwan Kc! I don't know the actress at all..have no connection. I am not a judge, just supporting a woman who needs to be heard. SamraGyee R L Shah it takes lots of gut to speak up! I went through some comments and I am disgusted that some folks attacked you. Victim shaming is not acceptable!Saying that why did you wait?We as women can wait or disclose whenever we feel comfortable!I get many messages but getting a message from him was like, what just happened?This person sent me a friend's request, I asked if he was real. He told me to verify with video. I called to verify, he picked up, it was him! then I said ok it's you. I got to go. I was just confirming. Then he messaged me the next day, my husband and I were looking at each other and thinking why? I was just being polite to answer him back but I felt uneasy. First, I tried to hint about I watch his son's movie to alert him about his age. Then I wanted to get on his head as to why he approached me out of nowhere for a movie. I assumed he saw my video. I was trying to probe and kept asking. It is human nature to be curious why would someone like that reach out. Here is the conversation- I am sharing this now because this is exactly how it starts. Not the proper etiquette to message women. I definitely expected a class from him, but I sensed that wrong vibe. I let it go. I have blocked him already. If you are wondering why did I talk to him then? I was just being polite for the heck of it. When some men think being polite is flirting. That is when it leads to an uncomfortable situation. I used to accept all the friend's requests I no longer accept unknown folks. I will clean the list especially those men who keep sending me creepy messages like "pretty" "beautiful' Praise my content and work if you like it not my body or face.There will be some haters, I plan to block or delete negative comments. Please unfollow me if you are not here for my content. I use this account to make an impact on job seekers around the world I have no time to respond to creepy people. I am not going to be polite from now on. Enough of this!!P.s-by no means I am pretty, I have my own security hidden behind makeup. Let's focus on the qualities of human beings rather than the outside appearance. When I die, I want people to talk about the impact I made, not about how I looked. ?#metoo #nepal #women

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